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Favourite VFX moments 01

In my opinion the base of Visual Effects industry is the passion to achieve something that has not been done, some thing that has not seen before. Everyone strives really hard to achieve that and once we get …then …at that when see the work in front and someone sees it and WOW… that’s the satisfaction that drives our industry.

If you think of inspirations , my personal ones are really the ground breaking stuff by all the renowned Hollywood directors and the entire cast and crew of the projects. Here’s a series of makings which are really amazing.

1 ) Inception : Defying Gravity


However the most inspiring moments for me as a child was watching movies like E.T. and the Flight of the navigator
esp. the part where the steps come out in floating air and the kid actually steps on them to get in to the spacecraft…

“I’ll Be Back” became my favorite moment of the robotic marvel in Terminator 2 and was absolutely spell bound. James Cameron’s one of the gem of the movie. My best moment was the highway chase and the blast and reformation of the bad guy.

Then after a few years the meaning of Machines v/s Human was rewritten by one legendary movie…. ” The Matrix” which really was ground breaking in terms of it’s viewing experience… a fairy tale with a difference…

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